When I was a young girl on the farm it seemed natural to hear the animals talk. I thought everyone could hear them. Turns out, that wasn’t so.

Over time I’ve helped many people come to know their animal friends on a different level. When a mentor of mine passed out of this life, I was moved in loving memory of her to formally open a service to foster people’s questions for their animals.

Animal feedback is the transmission of energy, intuition and natural instincts between animals and people.

We can all feel and sense things. This is true for animals and everything that breathes life. We can communicate with humans, babies, animals and all living things through our body language, sounds, intuition, and energy.

This communication has no boundaries. We are able to send and receive messages telepathically.  Animals are experts at this.  They can convert their senses into an energy language that is understood by all - if we properly pause to hear it.

This is a most wonderful thing and it is my journey with the animals that I care to share with you, and to help you connect.

When I am not talking to the animals, I run the Stardust Sanctuary of which I am a founder. I regularly do massage and energy work for both animals and people, and I hold classes teaching people how to tune in to their critters.

In turn, some of those lovable critters hold classes for me.

Book a session with me today and let me help you discover what your animal is thinking.