Pippen is a rescue dog who even before she was saved, with a fate unknown, started sending messages to me expressing that her purpose was to bring a piece of heaven to earth and help heal as all animals do, by shedding light and love.  It is a way to prove to us that “somewhere over the rainbow” really does exist. 

Pippen came to the Stardust Sanctuary and was saved with the help of many. She was connected with her forever family, one that teaches about Angels and their availability to us. Since then Pippen has teamed up with her family in her own way while they teach meditation and life on a higher vibration.

Pippen checks in with me about animals & people, and I am honored to share her feelings to the best of my interpretation. She said that animals are here to expose the capacity of the human heart.  Gratefully, we have a team of healing hearts here to serve. 

Pippen & Laurie