What I do…

I Help You with Your  Animals

I can’t tell you how it works - quantum physics or Angel science - but it just does. First I talk to you, and when you give me your animals name and a photo too if you have it, a connection is made. I will connect to your animal and we go from there.

Laurie is an equal opportunity animal communicator.

Through Laurie Kay, a gifted animal communicator, you can connect to your animal friends right now giving you insights to their thoughts and/or helping you to work through animal issues. home507876711.1and1-data.host

I Teach Animal Communication

I teach workshops on how to tap into the flow and the rhythm of consciousness of animals. People can learn this. It’s faster for some than others, but we all have the ability.

Want toTalk to Your Animals?

“Our communication has no boundaries.”

We all have the ability to hear our pets and other animals and to connect with them on a deeper level. Tapping into this thin veil creates an endless well of wisdom, information and love where another level of spirituality and healing occurs.

Quieting the mind begins the process of opening to the flow and the rhythm of our beloved animals. Connected, we may sense through hearing or mental pictures or even what may be likened to a video unfold before us of the communication.

It is magical and it is the gift they give for us to receive. See Pip’s story…

LaurieStory PippenStory

What can Animal Feedback do for you?

You can.

Sessions are available by Telephone or Skype worldwide 24/7.

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Suggest a few good dates and times for your reading and include
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If you have a photo of your animal(s), you can email or text that as well.

Rescheduling an appointment is accepted within 24 hours of your pre-booked time. No refunds or guarantees. All sessions are to be prepaid.

House / Barn calls are available for an additional fee of $70 per hour travel time.

For out of state/country travel, clinics, lecture fees, or to learn of workshops happening in Northern Illinois, please e-mail me at the address above.

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While I may be engaged with a client or doing barn chores,  texting me via phone or email is best.

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Okay, I’m ready.

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30 Minute Session: $65

60 Minute Session: $130

Your payments are made through and benefit the Stardust Sanctuary, a 501c(3) non-profit animal sanctuary & rescue.

Let’s talk to the animals!

Q. How does this work?

A. Laurie will talk with you either in person or via phone or Skype, and will communicate with your animal and share that feedback with you in the moment. A session is akin to having a three way party call between you, Laurie and your animal. You will ask your questions and Laurie will relay your animals thoughts directly back to you while you are in conversation.

Q. Does my animal have to be with me during this time?

A. No, your animal can be anywhere and does not need to be physically present.

Q. Does Laurie need a photo?

A. No a photo is not necessary, it’s just nice to have.

Q. My animal has left the physical world, can Laurie still communicate with them?

A. Yes, and at times that communication is even stronger for part of the perceptional veil one holds in this life about what is thereafter is no longer present.    

Q. My animal has issues (be it behavioral, emotional, physical, health or medical) and I need answers. Can Laurie help?

A. Yes she can give you insight on all these matters.

Q. Sadly, it may be time to put my animal down. Can Laurie help me here?

A. Yes most assuredly. Laurie can talk directly with your animal as you share your concerns providing comfort to you and your animal and she can also be present as your animal translates from our physical world.

Q. How long of a session should I have?

A.  If you have one animal and just a few questions then 30 minutes should be fine. If you need more guidance or want Laurie to talk to more than one animal, then book 60 minutes.

Q. Are there any animals that Laurie can't talk to?

A. Nope. All life communicates.

Q. Are there any guarantees or a refund policy?

A. No. Due to the nature of communication Laurie engages, there are no guarantees or refunds.

Q. How do I set an appointment?

A. Go here…

Connecting humans to their animals.